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Requests for reasons for a decision or recommendation: A guide to section 23 of the OIA and section 22 of the LGOIMA

Requests for reasons
Section 22
Section 23
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This is a guide to requests made under section 23 of the OIA (section 22 of the LGOIMA).

Section 23 applies to requests for a particular type of information—the reasons for a decision which affects the requester personally. Such requests need to be considered within the special code that this section creates.

The guide covers:

  • What is a section 23 request?
  • Why have a right of access to reasons for decisions?
  • Who can make a section 23 request?
  • How to make or recognise a section 23 request
  • Processing requirements
  • How to answer a section 23 request
  • Reasons for refusing section 23 requests
  • What if a requester is unhappy with the decision made on their section 23 request?

It also has a couple of example section 23 statements.

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