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Chief Ombudsman’s International Ombudsman Self-Assessment Tool

The Chief Ombudsman has developed a tool to help Ombudsman offices evaluate their functions against regional and international best practice.

The tool was developed to assist all Ombudsmen, with a focus on those in the Asia-Pacific region.

Go to the International Ombudsman Self-Assessment Tool

The tool is designed to assist Ombudsmen to identify areas of strength, and areas for further development. This will help inform strategic planning, prioritise areas of focus, monitor change over time, and ultimately improve practice. It may also help Ombudsmen with their efforts to advocate to their governments for structural change.

The tool can also help identify areas where Ombudsmen can learn from – and assist to develop – international best practice.

Ombudsmen can seek guidance and support from the international Ombudsman community  to improve areas for development, including the New Zealand Ombudsman where relevant. Conversely, Ombudsman can draw on their areas of strength to support and advise other Ombudsmen.

The tool was developed as part of the Chief Ombudsman’s international Ombudsman training and development support programme, which is funded by Parliament.

Note: The tool is created in Excel for maximum ease of use. If your Office does not have access to Excel, contact [email protected]

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