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International Development and Engagement programme

International Development & Engagement

Te Ara Ako
The Ombudsman collaborates with international counterparts through training, advice and resource development.

This page provides learning videos, resources and regional updates that may be of interest to fellow Ombudsmen and integrity institutions.

The Chief Ombudsman has engaged with and supported international colleagues from around the world for many years. This work is important and allows the New Zealand Ombudsman to learn from and help develop best practice internationally. In light of this, the current Chief Ombudsman recommended to Parliament that international development and engagement be embedded into the New Zealand Office of the Ombudsman’s long-term strategy.

In 2019, following detailed scoping, he received funding from Parliament to establish a four-year Asia-Pacific Ombudsman training and development support programme. Parliament has since extended its support for this work for a further three years. 

He now has a dedicated team that engages with and supports international colleagues in the region. The Chief Ombudsman’s International Development and Engagement team delivers projects in the region that help to develop best practice and contribute to lifting good governance, transparency and integrity in the region.

The Chief Ombudsman also serves as the Second Vice President of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI). This role enables him to promote the importance of ombudsmanship, good governance and transparency internationally; and to further support Ombudsmen in carrying out their respective mandates.

An International Development and Engagement Strategy has been developed to guide the international work of the Ombudsman from July 2020 to December 2023.


This page is meant to be helpful to Ombudsmen with a variety of jurisdictions. Comments or suggestions on content are welcome.

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