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Requests for internal decision making rules: A guide to section 22 of the OIA and section 21 of the LGOIMA

Internal rules
Section 21
Section 22
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This is a guide to requests made under section 22 of the OIA (section 21 of the LGOIMA).

Section 22 applies to requests for a particular type of information—the rules and guidelines agencies use to make decisions which affect people personally. Such requests need to be considered within the special code that this section creates.

The guide covers:

  • What is a section 22 request?
  • Who can make a section 22 request?
  • How to make or recognise a section 22 request
  • Processing requirements
  • Reasons for refusing section 22 requests
  • Publication of information
  • What is a requester is unhappy about the decision made on their section 22 request
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