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He rauemi tātaki ea – A resource for offering an effective apology

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People have the right to expect a high standard of administration by central and local government agencies. They expect agencies to act legally, fairly, and in a timely manner, and to be treated with respect in a way that is culturally appropriate.

This guide is to assist agencies to make apologies that are appropriate for meeting the needs of a person wronged by that agency.[1]

The concepts and principles underpinning Te Ao Māori[2] provide tools to ensure that any apology is authentic, addresses the complaint, and is delivered in a culturally appropriate way.

[1]    We would like to acknowledge apologies guidance prepared by the New South Wales and Victorian Ombudsmen, which was very helpful in developing this guide.

[2]    This guide was developed with the assistance of Ombudsman staff, including Rōpū Māori Hononga Hapori (the Māori and Community Engagement Team).

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