The complaints process

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When you send in your complaint

Our people will let you know we’ve received it and keep you informed throughout the complaint handling process.

When we receive your complaint, the Ombudsman will decide whether it can be investigated. 

If if can't be, we’ll say why and direct you to other options or agencies who can help.

The Ombudsman can resolve many complaints by talking to you and the agency you have made a complaint about. If they can resolve your complaint, an investigation may not be necessary. 

If your complaint is investigated, we will find out all the relevant information needed to consider your complaint.

After the investigation

After investigating a complaint the Ombudsman can form an opinion on whether the agency acted unreasonably or unfairly.

If they think the agency acted reasonably and fairly, you’ll have an opportunity to comment.

If they do think the agency acted unreasonably or unfairly, they can recommend a solution.

The Ombudsman may publish information about the outcome of a complaint, if it's important for other people to know about. We will protect your privacy where necessary. 

How the Ombudsman works

How to make a complaint

Tips for resolving a complaint with a government agency

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