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Statement of Intent 2009/12

Issue date:

The outcomes sought by the Ombudsmen are:

  1. enhancement of public confidence in a responsive and fair public sector, where ministers and public authorities can be held to account for their actions or omissions;

  2. improved public services and informed public policy;

  3. a culture of openness in New Zealand public authorities that improves the confidence of people that enables appropriate participation in policy making and administration;

  4. people who have concerns about wrongdoing are aware that they can turn to the Ombudsmen for advice or action on their concerns; and

  5. persons detained against their will in places for which the Ombudsmen are designated the National Preventive Mechanism are not subjected to conditions or treatment that would breach the Crimes of Torture Act 1989.

We will continue to monitor and review our internal policies and procedures and our relationships with external stakeholders to ensure that we meet these outcomes.

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