Expectations for conditions and treatment of residents in health and disability places of detention – aged care

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The Chief Ombudsman has developed these draft ‘Expectations for the conditions and treatment of residents in health and disability facilities- aged care’ (‘Expectations – aged care’) and invites your feedback on them.

This document sets out the Chief Ombudsman’s expectations for the conditions and treatment of residents in aged care facilities who cannot leave at will.

His ‘Expectations – aged care’ are intended to provide residents, their whānau, facility management and staff, Parliament, and the public with an understanding of some of the matters the Chief Ombudsman considers when monitoring aged care facilities.

These Expectations will also guide the Chief Ombudsman’s staff when conducting inspections. However, his inspections are not a ‘check list’ exercise and these Expectations are indicative only; they are not exhaustive.

This is a living document

This is the first draft of the Chief Ombudsman’s ‘Expectations – aged care’. The Expectations will be updated over time. The Chief Ombudsman welcomes feedback on this document, recognising that best practice is continually evolving, and there will always be further or new areas relevant to his monitoring in aged care facilities.

If you would like to provide feedback on the Chief Ombudsman’s ‘Expectations – aged care’ please email info@ombudsman.parliament.nz or call 0800 802 602.

Feedback received by 31 July 2021 will inform the Chief Ombudsman’s August update. However, feedback is welcome any time.

The Chief Ombudsman’s Expectations

1.     Leadership and culture

Expectation: Residents' rights are a focus at all levels of the facility. 

2.    Safety and independence

Expectation: Residents are safe and their independence is promoted.

3.    Dignity and respect 

Expectation: Residents are treated with dignity and respect.

4.    Health and care

Expectation: Residents enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. 

5.    Living environment

Expectation: Residents live in an environment that promotes their safety, independence, dignity and health.

6.    Staffing and quality improvement

Expectation: Residents are cared for by skilled, motivated and engaged people.

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