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New case note—Consultation on health and safety plans for Managed Isolation Facility

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The Chief Ombudsman has published a case note on his investigation of complaints by Stamford Plaza residents.

The residents were unhappy about the Government’s lack of consultation over health and safety plans for the hotel to operate as a Managed Isolation Facility during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Chief Ombudsman found that the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (which is responsible for administering the All of Government Response Group) acted unreasonably.

The Department failed to consult the residents on the development of a health and safety plan, and to share that plan with residents after it was developed but before Managed Isolation guests started arriving.

The Chief Ombudsman recommended that the Department apologise to the residents, and confirm that the learnings from his investigation were reflected in policies and procedures going forward.

Read the case note here.

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