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Introduction to New Zealand Sign Language Week

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New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) week is a yearly event organised by Deaf Aotearoa to raise awareness of the language and culture of New Zealand’s Deaf community. Every year, the theme is different to promote one of New Zealand’s official and unique languages. It is the language of New Zealand's Deaf community. Like other signed languages, NZSL uses the hands, the body, and facial expressions (including lip patterns) to express meaning. NZSL has its own grammatical structure and ways of expressing ideas.

Resources for New Zealand Sign Language Week

This year’s theme is: Together we can make NZSL thrive

Why it is important to help NZSL thrive? Because NZSL is a living and evolving language. NZSL enables the Deaf community to thrive and break down barriers. NZSL is for everyone.[2]

Learn about New Zealand Sign Language Week

The week ahead

This week at the Office of the Ombudsman, we will be celebrating the Deaf community’s language and culture whilst bringing awareness and showcasing the resources we have available.

We'll discuss different topics throughout the week:

  • Tuesday – Launch of the NZSL Ombudsman Act quick guide.
  • Wednesday – Spreading awareness of how the Official information Act works through our NZSL quick guide.
  • Thursday –'Removing barriers: A guide for reasonable accommodation of Disabled people in Aotearoa' NZSL quick guide.
  • Friday – What the office does- 2 minute NZSL video

Watch Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier introduce himself in NZSL for New Zealand Sign Language Week 2023

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