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Media release

Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier reopens Nash investigation

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The Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier says he has reopened his investigation into an Official Information Act complaint about a decision by former Minister Stuart Nash.

“The original enquiry was discontinued in May last year in discussion with the complainant. The complainant has now asked me to reopen the case. I have recommenced my investigation.

“The original complaint was about the former Minister’s decision to refuse a request for information about his communications with a named group of individuals on the grounds the information was out of scope.

“Mr Nash withheld the information under the OIA on the grounds he was not communicating with them in his capacity as a Minister.

“I will start by carefully examining Mr Nash’s original response to me including the material provided by his office at the time. 

“I will consider whether or not the information in question was held in his capacity as a Minister, which is subject to the OIA, or as an electorate MP that is not subject to the Act, and whether there was a basis for withholding the information.

"I plan to complete my investigation as soon as possible.

"I’m required by law to conduct my enquiries in secret so I will not be in a position to comment further until my investigation is completed.”

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