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  • Department of Social Welfare error in employment issue

    Case notes
    Dispute over offer of employment—remedy available under Employment Contracts Act— Ombudsman exercised discretion under s 130(a) to investigate—employment offer reinstated
  • School Certificate examination scripts released

    Case notes
    The Minister of Education and the Department of Education were asked to release marked School Certificate Examination scripts. All the requests were refused; sections 52 (3), 9 (2)(b) and 27 (1) were relied on. However, this was changed following the Ombudsman's recommendation.
  • Towards Open Government: Supplementary Report

    Danks report
    Our General Report recognised that before the Government made final decisions on its recommendations certain matters would require further examination.
  • Towards Open Government (Danks Report)

    Danks report
    These reports by the Danks Committee on Official Information led to the enactment of the Official Information Act in 1982.