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  • Request for information about death in custody

    Case notes
    Request for all correspondence about death in custody—unreasonable to rely on sections 9(2)(a) and 9(2)(ba)(i) without compiling and reviewing the information—subsequent reliance on section 18(f) (substantial collation or research) also unjustified—
  • Request for information about submissions received on marine reserve application

    Case notes
    Request for information about submissions on marine reserve application—refused under s 18(f)—20 bound files of submissions—8-9 hours of staff time to respond to the requests did not amount to ‘substantial collation and research’—Department ultimately allowed requester to personally research the 20 bound files to collate the information sought
  • Request for information relating to local authority resource consent fee

    Case notes
    Request for variety of information relating to local authority resource consent fee—numerous previous requests for official information—some information refused under s 17(h)—requests not deemed frivolous or vexatious, but information could not be made available without substantial collation and research
  • Department of Corrections accepts obligation to consider inmates’ circumstances when deciding work and educational paroles

    Case notes
    Refusal of work and educational paroles before inmate appeared before National Parole Board—inflexible policy inconsistent with concept of individual case management—review resulted in detailed case management plan for inmate
  • Request for communications between Minister of Finance and the Reserve Bank

    Case notes
    Request for communications between Minister of Finance and the Reserve Bank regarding economic growth, monetary policy and inflation outlook—information withheld under ss 6(e)(iv), 9(2)(d), 9(2)(f)(iv) and 9(2)(g)(i)—markets are extremely sensitive and react to the most subtle signals—if released, Reserve Bank would be likely to become more guarded about what was said at, and recorded after, meetings with Minister—s 9(2)(g)(i) applied and no countervailing public interest considerations which outweighed need to withhold