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  • Request for Associate Minister's letter concerning Let's Get Wellington Moving

    The Hon Julie Anne Genter, Associate Minister of Transport (Associate Minister) sent a letter to the Hon Phil Twyford, Minister of Transport (Minister) during pre-consultation on the Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) indicative package draft Cabinet pa
  • Making official information requests: A guide for requesters

    Official information
    If you are seeking information from a Minister, or central or local government agency, you may be able to ask for it under either the OIA or LGOIMA.
  • Request for names and contact details in Department of Corrections’ emails

    Case notes
    Section 9(2)(a) OIA did not apply to names—many of the names were publicly available— seniority— section 9(2)(g)(ii) did not apply to names—no evidence to suggest release would lead to improper pressure or harassment—section 9(2)(a) did not apply to ema
  • Request for information about access to staff records

    Case notes
    Information held is incomplete but it should be released along with a contextual statement—s 18(g) does not apply—staff recollections should also be provided
  • Request for footage of battle of Baghak

    Case notes
    NZDF deemed to hold battle footage recorded by soldiers on their personal devices in their official capacity
  • Requests for firearms statistics

    Case notes
    Refusal under section 18(g) not justified—information held—Police could manually extract and compile statistics—where compilation involves substantial collation or research s 18(f) applies
  • Request for employee’s recollection of events

    Case notes
    Request for DIA employee’s recollection of events that occurred when she was employed by another agency—DIA not deemed to hold information because not held by employee in that person’s capacity as such an employee—information that cannot be recalled is not held—s 18(g) applies