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  • Annual Report 2012/2013 at a glance

    Annual reports
    This document shows our Annual Report for 2012/2013 at a glance.
  • Annual Report 2012/2013 - full report

    Annual reports
    Our anniversary year has been a period of growth and consolidation. We have taken time to reflect on the significant contribution to our development by all those who have held the office of Ombudsman in the past 50 years. We have also managed an unprecedented increase in demand for our services, drawing on both our traditional practice developed over the previous half century and new ways of prioritising and organising our workflows.       
  • Statement of Intent 2013/16

    Strategic intentions
    This statement of intent sets out the nature and scope of our functions, the strategic direction of our organisation, what we are hoping to achieve, and some key measures.
  • Submission of the Ombudsman - Prisoners' and Victims' (Continuation and Reform) Amendment Bill

    We are concerned that the victims’ claims scheme, which the Bill makes permanent, provides neither a suitable way to compensate victims of crime nor a suitable way to prevent abuse or mistreatment of prisoners in accordance with New Zealand’s international obligations.
  • Submission of the Ombudsmen - Education Amendment Bill

    This submission relates to clause 158X of the Education Amendment Bill currently before the Education and Science Committee.