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  • Annual Report 2017/2018

    Annual reports
    In the past year, we have made some excellent progress in key areas, none more so than by clearing our backlog of complaints, a bugbear both for us and the public. We have been quicker and more efficient in resolving complaints, but with no reduction in the quality or efficacy of our work. Specific cases we have dealt with this year are contained in this report, and they showcase the breadth and depth of the work we are tasked to undertake.
  • Annual Report 2008/2009

    Annual reports
    In order to fulfil our legislative mandate and to manage our work programme more efficiently and effectively, we have reorganised the Office into targeted teams (see p 12). An advisory group has been established to support the Ombudsmen and Deputy Ombudsman. This will strengthen consistency in Ombudsmen decisions, uniformity of professional practice, and provide a more rigorous quality assurance over the Office output. It will also assist in our goal to widen our focus from individual complaints to a closer analysis of systemic administrative failings of which the complaints may be symptomatic.