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What happens when you make a complaint

Learn what to expect when you talk to us.

Talking with our investigators

When you contact us, you’ll speak to one of our investigators. Our investigators are easy to talk to about the things that have happened to you. They are thoughtful and kind.

We can help you find support if these things are hard to talk about.

We’ll talk to you in the way you want, like on the phone, by video chat, in person or by email.

Our investigator will listen to you and let you know if the Ombudsman can help.

They may be able to help you fix what you're worried about.

When you speak to an investigator, they will explain everything to you so you understand how it works. You can ask any questions you want.

Our complaints process

If you are a child, young person, or a trusted adult contacting us on their behalf, this is our complaints process.

Are you safe? Freephone Oranga Tamariki on 0508 326 459 or the Police on 111 if you’re in danger

Are you worried about something Oranga Tamariki or one of its care or custody providers has done, or should have done?

Freephone the Ombudsman on 0800 184 184 or email [email protected]

We’ll listen, and talk to you about how we can help

If we can help we will, and if we can’t, we’ll find someone who can

If we can help fix your concern quickly, we will. But sometimes a complaint may need an investigation. An investigation is when we look into a complaint to find out what‘s happened and how the problem can be sorted out.

You can find information about how an investigation is done here:

What happens if the Ombudsman investigates

If at any stage the Ombudsman is not able to help you, we’ll help you find someone who can. 

Tell your story

Want to talk about what’s happening to you? Get in touch with us.

Tell your story

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