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  • Good decision making

    Good administration
    This guide sets out key information about good decision making by agencies, including the role of a decision maker, who has the power to make a decision, how to make good decisions, how to give a statement of reasons and good record-keeping.
  • Managing unreasonable complainant conduct

    Good administration
    This manual is designed to help agencies and their staff take a systematic and consistent approach to managing their interactions with complainants. It provides a series of suggestions and strategies to assist all staff members – not just frontline staff – to deal with unreasonable complainant conduct.
  • Good complaints handling by school boards of trustees

    Good administration
    This guide sets out the key ‘need to know’ information about good complaints handling by school Boards of Trustees (BOTs). It also explains the Ombudsman’s role in relation to complaints about the administrative conduct of schools.
  • Local authority events funding

    Official information
    This guide sets out principles applying to requests for information about events funding by local authorities, including the reasons for withholding and the public interest in release.