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Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier is supported by:

  • Deputy Ombudsman Bridget Hewson
  • Chief Legal Advisor Stuart McGilvray
  • Chief Financial Officer Meaw-Fong Phang
  • more than 100 staff located in Auckland and Wellington. 

Deputy Ombudsman Bridget Hewson oversees:

  • Complaints Resolution Group
  • Strategy, Engagement and Development Group
  • Systemic Monitoring Group
  • Corporate Services.

Operations are supported by the Finance team, headed by Chief Financial Officer Meaw-Fong Phang and the legal team, headed by Stuart McGilvray.

Complaints Resolution Group

The Complaints Resolution Group is headed by Assistant Ombudsman Magnus O'Neill and deals with complaints about government agencies’ administrative and official information decisions.

The Intake and Early Assistance team is the first point of contact for anyone with a query or complaint. 

The Early Resolution team works to resolve complaints without a formal investigation where possible. 

The Investigation and Resolution team conducts complex and more formal investigations.

Strategy, Engagement and Development Group

The Strategy, Engagement and Development Group is headed by Senior Assistant Ombudsman Emma Leach and focuses on proactive interventions with government agencies to improve system-wide performance.

The OPCAT Inspections team works under the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture to monitor and inspect places of detention to ensure people are treated fairly. 

The Disability Rights team supports the Chief Ombudsman as part of New Zealand’s Independent Monitoring Mechanism (IMM) under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The Strategic Advice team provides strategic advice, guidance and training both within the Ombudsman's Office and to external agencies and groups. 

The International Development and Engagement team works across Asia and the Pacific to support and learn from other Ombudsmen.

The Children in Care Complaints team specialises in handling complaints from and about children in care.

The Communications team looks after media, publications and website.

Systemic Monitoring Group

The Systemic Monitoring Group is headed by Assistant Ombudsman Stephanie Winson and focuses on monitoring, investigating and analysing system issues arising across the public sector. 

The Systemic Improvement Monitoring and Resolution team identifies possibilities for improvement across the public sector and seek early resolution, where possible.

The Official Information Practice Investigations team focuses on investigating government agencies’ official information practices and procedures. 

The Systemic Improvement Investigations team conducts significant and system-wide investigations into public sector administration and decision-making.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services is headed by Assistant Ombudsman Michelle King and provides support with business services, human resources, specialist knowledge and  information technology.

The People and Capability team looks after the human resources function.

The Business Services team looks after the day-to-day running of the offices. 

The Information Communications Technology (ICT) team looks after the ICT and technology function.

The Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) team looks after library, information and research services.

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